Signs of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety, holding Magnifying Glass. Studio Shot

Several people often face anxiety at some point in their life. Generally, anxiety is very common; it is a response to any stressing circumstance in life, such as changing jobs or financial issue.

Although, when the symptoms of anxiety get increased, then those situations and events of life which activate it will start to interrupt your life. This could be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders could be enervative, but it’s manageable by getting proper assistance from a professional psychologist. The initial and necessary thing is to identify the symptoms.

Take a look below, mentioned some common symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Unreasonable Worrying:

The most common symptom of anxiety disorder is to worry unnecessarily. The worrying is connected to anxiety disorders; it is out of proportion to the events that activate it. It typically happens as responding to normal and everyday situations.

For considering worrying as a sign of anxiety disorder, it should happen most of the days. If it happens continuously for six months and unable to control, then it’s the sign of anxiety disorder.

The people having high risk of experiencing anxiety disorder are under the age of 65 and particularly the single ones, having very less social status, and stressing life.

Feeling of Agitation:

Feeling anxious often results in their sympathetic nervous system going into overdrive. This results in effecting the complete body, in a way racing the pulse, sweating palms, dry mouth, etc. these symptoms happens when your brain get a signal that you are feeling danger, and it prepares your body to respond to such danger or threat.

These are the normal syndrome happens to everyone in danger. But the people suffering from anxiety cannot easily decrease their level of anxious feeling in contrast with those people who do not have anxiety disorder.


Discomposure is one of the common signs of anxiety disorder. It is particularly faced by children and teen aged people. A study shows that more than 100 children diagnosed with anxiety and the main symptom was discomposure and restlessness.

But discomposure often happens in anxiety but NOT always.

If you are a part of Dubai, their fighting with anxiety Dubai is easy. It is due to the presence of best psychologist Dubai. Consulting with best one will help a lot in decreasing the anxiety syndrome and giving relive to patient.