Quick guide to laser stretch mark removal therapy

There are many different things which laser is used for and stretch mark removal is just one of them. Basically what stretch mark removal does is that it gets rid of the redness and appearance of stretch mark to make it look in a more uniformed and seamlessly smooth surface. Stretch marks are not very appreciated due to its inconsistent look on the skin and abrupt lining.

Stretch marks appear when the dermis in the skin tears apart resulting in immediate expansion of a part or area of skin. When the skin is stretched too fast, immediately, it often results in uneven lines. Even though skin is naturally able to cope with the expansion, but when this happens in form of rapid growth, tear consequently occurs.

Stretch marks laser treatment Dubai is one of the amazing ways to treatments for getting rid of stretch marks quickly and easily. Micro fine laser light is shot in form of pulses into the sub layer of skin. The process aims at affecting the cells and tissues created due to the stretch marks. This way the older damaged tissues are rebuilt and fresh ones with new collagen and elastin is brought back into the natural healing process. This also helps with normalizing the skin colour and completely getting rid of the appearance of stretch marks.

There are many different benefits of laser therapy and the best botox in Dubai along with dermal fillers. The most popular one is its non requirement of surgery that most people fear and run away from. There is close to no recover time as you can immediately get back to your daily routine. The improvement and better results are visible almost immediately after the treatment. With improved appearance, one gains better confidence in their life and it gives them the freedom to show off their skin without feeling shy or embarrassed about it. The best part in this all is that there is hardly any pain that one will have to go through during the treatment.

It is possible for you to develop temporary redness and swelling due to the laser and sometimes even itching but it is not extreme or major. It can be cured naturally in a few days. Yes it is possible for the skin to go into discoloration with lightened or darkened skin area.