What you should have in your school?

Schools are not a place to go and learn to write A B and C. It is an institution that wires you mind to learn to be successful in this world in every situation. It is an institution that enables a person to control himself or herself in all difficult situations. It is an institution that gives platform to new human beings to learn to live happily on own. 

Therefore, it should be free and compilation of all fields and instruments. 

A good school should have:

  1. Music: Students and kids love music and dance. Its addition can make the classes and lessons attractive and make them to give their best. Besides this, according to studies music improves cognitive functioning and performance.  
  2. Sports: Sports and physical exercises are must for students because movement and exercise affect your brain and memory positively. It sharpens left and right brain and help a student to perform better. 
  3. Art: Art helps students to express themselves with the help of colours and words. It is very important for humans to learn to express because humans are social animals. They are wired to talk and interact. They are made to learn through sharing information with each other.
  4. Discussions on social issues: It is very important for students to have knowledge about social issues and problems. To inform them and let them have courage to discuss and take out its solutions, there is requirement to have discussion on each issue every week for an hour. Teachers should give then handouts on topic they discuss. They can acquire a printer for lease in Dubai and take out information of xerox machine price in UAE to install printer in school to make the process of transmission of information easier. These discussions and classes will give them new perspective to see the world. 
  5. Practical science: Instead of lecturing them about sciences, teach them to apply the laws of sciences to create different devices and gadgets that can make life easy. Children should be given group projects to make different small mach8nes which can be used to clean classes, black boards and so on! 

Theatre: Children should be involved in theatre and drama to improve their reading and writing skills. Their school lessons should be taught through plays to make the lessons and lectures effective and enjoyable.