What things you have to buy for school

After vacations, everyone is excited to go to school and meet their friends. But before going to school, you need to do some preparations. You need to change your routine so that you can wake up on time on first day of school without being irritated. Similarly, you need to prepare lunch for few days so that you don’t need to worry about it every-day after 6pm or in morning to prepare it. 

  1. Books: Make a list of your course books and number of notebooks you will need. You have option to buy second hand books or books on sale because it will make your shopping cheaper and let you buy other books to make the studies easier and lesser burden-full.
  2. Stationary: Make a note of number of pens and other stationary you need to buy. In this way, you will be saved from extra spending. Try to buy such pens and pencils which are comfortable to use for you. Buy a pouch or stationary box so that you may not lose them in future.
  3. Uniform or new clothes: If your school has uniform then buy at least two uniforms so that yu would not have to worry about washing it every-day to look cleaner but if your school do not have uniform and you have to wear casual clothes, then buy a few pair of jeans and lots of shirts on discount. There are many discount sales on special days. Buy during such days so that you buy more shirts in limited amount of money.
  4. Bags: Bag is must to buy if your old bag is torn. There are varieties in bags which includes 
  1. Trolley bags: Unlike other bags, they have to slide on ground. When it comes to trolley school bags, Dubai is a hub for these as these attract a number of students especially toddlers.
  2. Shoulder bags: They have strap at one which a student has to put on shoulder. If you have lesser books, then buy it, otherwise go for backpack.
  3. Backpack: It has two handles to put on shoulders. They are bigger than usual bags; therefore, you can keep more books in it.
  4. Handbag: If you are a big girl and want a stylish bag, then pick handbag. It is stylish and bigger in size too.
  5. Cutomized bags: If you want your bags to be made via paper shredder machine, Dubai has this service, then avail the service of customized bags.

So, these are few things which you have to buy for your school. School is your second home. So, like home, always prepare for it and make memories otherwise you will regret. Make friends and enjoy your year.