Facts about Photography

Cameras have been with us for a very long time. And when there were no cameras people used to paint the things to capture them. Just like that the very first picture that was captured was by Joseph Niepce in 1826, the image was of his backyard from the window. This was the first image in the history and it was called ‘view from the window’. The exposure of the image lasted for 8 hours. If you are a person who was born in the 90’s then you know that the photos that we clicked were not developed and we used to get them in a negative roll. That negative roll had to be protected from the sunlight and we had to put it in a sealed box to make sure that no light hits it. Even now in schools, colleges and universities, students have photography major, have their own dark room to develop these photos. But did you know who invented the first negative rolls? It was Fox Talbot, he invented this in 1839 and in that same year Hippolyte Bayard invented the first positive rolls. And are being used till date. 

The photos that we now see in the hard copy were not like this from the beginning. First these were made up of asphalt. It was also called the photographic paper; this asphalt varnish was applied on copper or the glass plate. Camera obscura, was the first prototype of the modern camera. But this is also used in the modern cameras for the production of integrated circuits which is also used in super film camera. Black and white photos have a different kind of charm but the color photos bring out the life in the photos, and the first colored photo was clicked by James Maxwell in 1861, he was a British physicist. 

But colors of photos were very limited and a company named Lumiere came up with the idea of first plate of color which had 24 colors and this was invented in 1858. Aerial photographs are becoming a trend now, people have drones and all kinds of gadgets but the first aerial photo was clicked by a French inventor named Turnache in 1858, he clicked the photo while taking a ride in the hot air balloon. But now you can make photo books online and learn how to make online photo collage.