Exciting Summer Fitness Activities for Children

Summer holidays are one of those times of the year which kids are always waiting for impatiently. Break from all sort of study routine, limitless fun and a lot of sports do provide entertainment for children belonging to any age group.  Of course, these summer holidays are challenging for most of the parents as these little champs are difficult to handle. But one can turn these vacations into fabulous learning experience too. This can be achieved by getting your child involved in a variety of fun activities.

In today’s world, a number of options are available in top nurseries in Dubai which during summer holidays do arrange an indoor summer camp for different kids. Like, they indulge children in different sort of video games, a variety of television shows and much more. But many of us will agree that by doing so one is putting limits to their child’s freedom of playing outdoor games.

play based learning in damac hills have been offering a number of outdoor fun activities for your little champ too. All you have to do is to take your child to these areas and let them have some fun with their friends. 

Some of these fun activities have been listed down below.

Water Sports

Everyone loves to spend a number of hours having fun in the “water”. Especially children when allowed to do their favorite water sport like row boating, swimming including jet skiing, kayaking and much more enjoy every bit of it. Due to these activities, a feeling of self-discipline is also developed in your kids.


One can even get their kids involved in different athletic sports like floor hockey, basketball including football, soccer, etc. Most of you will agree that there is no type of fitness that one readily gains from athletics.

Cultural Activities

This is another type of outdoor activity that your kids can enjoy. Taking them to watch a number of cultural plays, social events, and musical plays will help them to learn more about a specific culture and different traditions too.


A variety of parents even get their kids enrolled in different summer camps. These camps have a number of classes like aerobics, zumba including martial arts and much more. Kids even enjoy such classes and they are able to learn so many new things from these summer camp classes too.

These are some activities which one’s child will surely enjoy during summer holidays.