Benefits of sports massage

Sports massage is a popular massage done on athletes. It is given post performance, pre-performance or during training to manipulate the muscles of an athlete that he uses for a certain sport. It has proven to be very beneficial for sportsmen. Paavo Nurmi was an athlete who participated in Olympics and won 5 gold medals and he was one of the early users of sports massage in Dubai. Many different kinds of movements and techniques are used to manipulate specific muscles. These techniques include rhythmic striking, stroking, vibrating, gliding, stretching and tapping trigger points that helps in relaxing the muscles. Sport massaging is beneficial because it helps the athlete’s body in receiving the maximum physical potential with best performance and a very low chance of injury.

Sports massaging is reported to be e beneficial for both physiological and psychological aspects of an athlete done in the best Dubai physiotherapy clinic. Other than that sports massage increases the flexibility of muscles with decrease tension in muscles. Athletes get a feeling of wellbeing after having this massage. The nerves of the body get relaxed due to Different techniques of massage applied on the body and athletes have relaxed sleep at night. Although there are no side effects of sports massaging but it can vary from person to person. The muscles may get stiff for one or two days. Some athletes with sensitive skin may have a skin reaction after getting a massage with an oil but the chance is very rare.

Research studies are conducted on sports massage and two categories were made. one group includes athletes that had massage post performance and a group of athletes that didn’t get post performance massage. The group which received post performance massage had decreased level of anxiety with improved mood. The feeling of well-being was enhanced and they felt less fatigue.

There are some benefits that are not proved by research. The muscles do not get rid of lactic acid and also the blood flow is not increased. The feeling of well-being can be due to psychological reasons. One can also get rid of lactic acid deposition in muscles by Low intensity exercises. The connection between positive mind due to massage and body performance is yet not clear. But the sense of wellbeing caused by positive psychological leads toward better performance.

If you are looking for a massage therapist can you can check-in therapy Association of your state. You could ask the therapist for certification and license if he is eligible and experienced enough to give a sports massage.