Process and Validity of a Will

A will is written in advance before the death of a person who possess assets and bequests which he/she wishes to be inherited by someone. A will must state the name and security number of the person who writes will for the identity.

Wills Dubai must be written by a person above the age of 18 years with sound mind. They can choose anyone to be the heirs of their possessions. An executor will be necessary to carry out the tasks written in will. If you choose law firm in Abu Dhabi for carrying out your will then an executor is no more needed as your appointed lawyer will help you do that.

There are a few things and steps which must be taken to ensure that your will is valid.

There first step is to make sure that you write will which states that this your last and final testament. This way all your previous wills automatically expires. The next step is to make sure that there are witnesses. These witnesses must be above the age of 16 – or depending on the law in your country – who can sign the will and this task must be carried out in your presence. If your witnesses are not available at the moment or you decide to send your will to them so that they can sign in your absence, this won’t work. Your and your witnesses’ sign must be on each and every page of will. Two witnesses are necessary for the validity.

In case a person who can not sign the will due to several different reasons then a thumbprint must be made so that the validity can be tested. This thumbprint can not be done behind closed doors, in fact in front of a commissioner of oath must be present at the time of thumbprinting.

Another important point that must be taken under consideration is that the person who is the witness of your will can not be the benefactor as well. This way it will completely disregard your will. Also make sure that you talk to your will executors for their confirmation because without that, court will itself appoint an executor for your will – which can be anyone.

Make sure to follow these steps carefully for complete validation.