Boost your career with chartered accountancy credentials

Everyone wants to have a highly paid job in the field of their subject. But there are few fields which have the most paid jobs around the world and one of the fields is the accounting and auditing. Top accounting firms in Abu Dhabi provide the most paid jobs for the suitable candidates who have the relevant credentials along with the relevant experience. To get the job in the top auditing firms in Abu Dhabi you have to get the one of the below credentials:

Chartered certified accountant: This credential is closely related to the chartered accountant CA but with less intense study, which makes it more suitable for the working professional who can get this credential by studying part time along with working. People who want to start their career as a CCA will have to do a basic course before starting the actual one. When someone passed that basic course they will then work as a junior accountant. There is another level higher than the junior level in which they have to pass the three exams along with the experience of one year. After passing this level they will then get the credentials of accounting technician and get a better paying job than the junior level. After that if they want to get the ACCA credentials they have to pass the fourteen exams and a relevant experience of three years.

Chartered global management accountant: This is basically the study related to the management as self-described in the name and the study of cost accounting. It is designed in a way that people can get the credential while working on their current job. It is a self-study course in which people can enroll and learn according to their ease and according to their own time management. Like other credentials it also has two parts; one is the basic part for people who have no prior knowledge and the other is the professional part. Once you passed the basic part you can then go for the professional one but who already have the basic knowledge can skip the first part and start from the second. People who already have some advanced level qualifications and experience can also skip some of the courses in the professional level too.