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Currently there are over 12 million cancer survivors in the United States and it’s estimated that another 1,437,180 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2008. Of these 34,470 were Massachusetts residents. Between 2001 and 2005 - 17,808 people who live in South Shore communities were diagnosed with some form of cancer. For someone newly diagnosed the primary focus, understandably, becomes finding and participating in the best medical care possible, a parallel focus however needs to be on the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and now even more often, year-to-year, emotional journey that becomes part of your life after being diagnosed.

A diagnosis of cancer, in any of its forms, impacts the individual diagnosed and their caregivers in a profound way. As anyone who’s been diagnosed with cancer can tell you there are emotional highs and lows on the journey. There are times when you can feel isolated, misunderstood, scared, confused, frustrated and generally lacking a sense of control over what’s happening to you – it’s at these times that psychosocial care, in the form of support groups, educational workshops, nutrition, exercise and stress-reduction programs can be very helpful in decreasing isolation, regaining a sense of control and improving one’s quality of life. As either a person with cancer or as someone who cares about and for someone with cancer, the very act of being with others who truly understand what you are going through and who understand and speak the language of cancer is comforting and provides a sense of connection and hope.

All services and programs are offered at no cost to participants.

The Cancer Support Community-Massachusetts South Shore is one of the over 50 Cancer Support Communities that exist throughout the United States and internationally.  After the merger in 2009 of The Wellness Community National and Gilda’s Club Worldwide, a non-profit cancer support organization whose programs and philosophy mirrored The Wellness Community, the new organization became known as Cancer Support Community – the largest provider of cancer support worldwide. 

CSC-MSS has come to be recognized as “the gold standard” for programs offering psychosocial care. The granting of CSC-MSS’s charter came about through the hard work and dedication of a group of South Shore residents who had been involved in providing professional support to South Shore cancer patients and their caregivers for many years. Initial funding for programming and operations came from The Friends of Mel and The Chrystine Sullivan Memorial Foundation, as well as a number of generous South Shore residents.

The Cancer Support Community-Massachusetts South Shore (CSC-MSS) recently became a division of the Norwell Visiting Nurse Association (NVNA) Foundation and has newly expanded space at 120 Longwater Drive in Norwell, Massachusetts. However, CSC-MSS remains a separate 501c entity with our own operating budget and expenses.

In order to assure that CSC-MSS can continue and grow its programs and services, we must achieve financial security. Our challenge is to continue to provide our programs and services, with the operational and delivery costs that they entail, while at the same time conducting a serious fund-raising campaign to ensure our long-range survival and growth. We appreciate your financial support in helping us carry out our mission.